These lenses are designed to be allrounders in everyday eyewear. It uses the latest ion bombardment technology to minimize space between lens layers and ensure robustness and resistance. These lenses have been found to be up to 3X harder than traditional lenses due to their densely packed formulation.


A combination of Xtra thin layers and ion bombardment process makes Xtralife lenses shatterproof, scratch resistant and impossibly tough.

Resistant to everyday wear and tear, wear with confidence for work, play, or leisure. Xtralife lenses are designed to help you experience the most comfortable vision even in the most challenging outdoor conditions.

Block out harmful Ultra Violet light from sunlight and digital screens, keep your eyes safe against all kind of irritants. The coating is designed to filter away dangerous blue-violet light in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Oil like coating prevents condensation and repels moisture to ensure wearer comfort. They have a low friction coefficient causing liquid to slide off the surface without leaving a trace.